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UX Design & Development Services


Strategic planning is essential to build your brand and establish your business. After a careful review of your business model and analytics, we'll create an effective strategy to address your short- and long-term goals.

With an intuitive UX design concept and a well-constructed plan, we will highlight the strengths and distinct differences of your business for greater customer reach, loyalty and long-term momentum.


Our Website Designs are aethetically top-notch, but more importantly capture and enhance your business brand. We are consistantly creating innovative designs that not only have a modern look and feel but also achieve greater results in ease-of-use and engagement.

New start-up company? Or looking to overhaul your business brand? We specialize in creating visual identity and logos to help bring to life the unique aspects of your business. We go the distance to create a clean, eye-catching and memorable logo and recoginizable brand.


An effective website starts with a basic blueprint, the UX plan. Our creative team will maximize the flow and ease for intended users with a responsive layout compatible for all devices from phone and tablet to laptop and desktop. Once the UX development is complete, we will then integrate the custom code into a Content Management Sytem (CMS)

Employing the industry standard WordPress CMS platform, your website will benefit from what is widely acknowledged as the most superior content management system. It offers a user-friendly experience while affording vast flexibility for development and revision.

About HWD


Hyper Web Design is a Los Angeles based creative digital studio owned and operated by creative director and UX designer, Dallas Perkins. We create visually stunning websites, campaigns and other brand development services.

Dallas Perkins has been a designer and front-end developer since the early 2000's. Dallas has a natural gift for art, illustration design and front-end development, easily translated into effective, aesthetically pleasing UX experiences.

"I am an artist and a designer by nature with a passionate feel for technology. My talent and versatile skills always adapt easily to any online industry, ranging from large corporations to small mom and pop companies. My work reflects design experiences that address the appeal, functionality and unique differences of your business. I have an intuitive ability to solve problems visually and can present challenging, complex information in a simplified, elegant way."

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